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How You Might Defend Yourself Against DUI Charges


However serious the DUI charges you're facing are, there are possible defenses you can exploit to achieve acquittal or lessen the severity of the possible court sentence. However, only a Knoxville DUI lawyer can help you examine all provisions of the law than can help weaken all or most of the DUI accusations brought against you in court. Check out to get started.


Here are some potential DUI defenses:


You're not the Driver


You can claim in court that you're not the person driving the car when an arrest of accident happened. In that case, the prosecution needs to do much more than just prove you were intoxicated. They'll need to demonstrate to the court that you were driving the car. In many cases, that can be difficult to prove, such as in accidents involving no witnesses.


Probable Cause


Probable cause is also a potential route for you to walk free after being charged with DUI offenses. If the officer who stopped, detained, and arrested you did not have legal cause to do that, all the evidence they collected that way may be suppressed in court.


The Miranda Rights Defense


If Miranda warnings were not relayed to you at the right time, all incriminating statements you made can be suppressed. For instance, an office should let you know that you're legally allowed not to say anything because your statements can be used against you in court. In case you confessed to being drunk while driving to an offer who did not convey Miranda rights, your admission may be disregarded by court.


The Issue of Implied Consent Warnings


If you were not advised by the arresting officer about the outcome of not taking a chemical test, the admissibility of the test outcome may be compromised. The same applies if the test was not administered the right way. Another potential outcome of this defense is the annulment of the license suspension slapped by your state's Motor Vehicle Department.


Not Under the Influence


You can also deny that you were driving under the influence when you were stopped and detained, particularly if no tests were taken. If you can bring witnesses to testify that you did not appear drunk or intoxicated at the material day, you may be exonerated.


Find a Knoxville DUI lawyer to help look into ways you can beat any such accusations brought against you in court. Certainly, there are several potential lines of defense against any DUI accusations.